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VSCode extensions

May 10, 2020

Here’s a list of my top VSCode extensions and which features they have that make them a must have:

  • Bracket pair colorizer: it’s all in the title, but honestly can’t live without having every parentheses, curly or square bracket colorized in a different way. Makes missing a closing parentheses impossible
  • Case-Sensitive Add Next Occurrence: when you work with multi-cursor selection and want to select NextOccurence but not nextoccurence. Combine this with the String Manipulation extension and let the magic happen.
  • Color highlight: superpower that lets you highlight color codes with the actual color they represent, so you can tell which one of #38cdf2 or #2a93ad is a darker blue.
  • GistPad: turn your gists into your favorite note taking app, supports any filetypes, embeds images and comment on gists.
  • GitLens: commit with a GUI, diff file per file, staging line by line, check the list of past commits and the changes they brought. Great to pick out a commit ID for a quick fixup.
  • Live Share: absolute life saver when it comes to remote pair coding, so you can invite a friend over your workspace, edit files, debug and serve your app or run terminal commands together on your computer.
  • Path intellisense: make those import strings aware of your directory structure so you can’t mistype an import path anymore.
  • String manipulation: big time saver to switch between different casing of strings like PascalCase, camelCase, kebab-case, snake_case, the aptly named SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE and others..
  • There’s plenty of good themes and icon options for VSCode and everyone has different taste when it comes to that but some big hits for me were: SynthWave 84’, Shades of Purple and the Material Icon Theme

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