About 👋

Hi, my name is Nicolas Fabre.

I started to get into programming in 2015 after finishing my master’s degree in geography and working in Aix-en-Provence, France, at the regional planning and urbanism institute as a cartographic engineer.

After starting self-teaching web development, I attended and graduated in 2017 from WebForce3, a coding bootcamp introducing to the basics of web development.

After free-lancing for few months with the folks at OhMyDevs!, I decided to look for an experience in a company that would present me with new challenges to overcome.

I interned at Boaterly in 2017, to work on its web application for a boat rental marketplace. I learned about Ruby on Rails and started to deploy fully tested, production ready code in an Agile environment.

I then started to work on projects for Boaterfly’s parent company, Dream Yacht Charter, as a full-time web developer in 2018.

I’ve recently worked on developing a search engine for boat rentals on Rails 5 and React 16.

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I like beautiful data visualizations, clean coding, project planning and everything outdoor 🌲

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📨 : nfabredev@gmail.com